Radon Mitigation in Schools for Raleigh Residents

Thursday, February 7, 2013 @ 04:02 PM
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Dealing with Radon Mitigation in Schools in Raleigh

Radon Mitigation in Schools in RaleighSchool safety is important for all teachers, students and faculty. Without a safe learning environment, there is no way that we can ensure our Country’s future. There is a lot of talk about controlling guns as there have been numerous tragic school shootings. While this is a major concern that we need to figure out an answer for, we also need to spend our time and resources focusing on radon gas. Radon gas is known to kill 20,000 people each and every year, and it affects nearly all of the United States including Raleigh, NC. The only way that we can ensure that we are safe is with radon mitigation in schools. With radon mitigation in schools, we can reduce the levels of gas by as much as 99%.

One out of fifteen homes have high levels of radon, but this ratio is much greater with schools. One out of every five schools are affected, meaning that 70,000 schools are in need of mitigation. In several areas such as Raleigh, NC, the ratio of homes and schools affected may be even greater. This is important to factor in as the threat level may be even greater than we thought. Regardless, if we want to protect our students, teachers, and faculty in Raleigh, NC, then we need to have radon mitigation in schools.

A Resolution to Radon Mitigation in Schools in Raleigh, NC

This may seem hopeless with so many schools in need of an air purification system, but a bill is being proposed in Iowa that could fix all of this. If the bill passes then all schools will receive money to afford testing. Testing is necessary, because it is the only way that we may identify whether radon gas is present. Once testing is completed, we can get a better scope on the necessary mitigation.

Schools with high test results will receive additional grant funding for radon mitigation in schools. Radon mitigation in schools will only be implemented to schools truly in need. Additionally, the funding will come from a different source to ensure that we are not sacrificing any funding dedicated to our students’ education. S.W.A.T. Environmental has the knowledge, experience, and certifications to reduce these gas levels by as much as 99%. It is important that our schools in Raleigh have a top of the line mitigation company providing the installation of these air purification systems.

To get an idea of where radon gas comes from, we must start at the source. Radon forms deep in the soil where uranium lies. As the uranium breaks down, radon gas forms. In a gaseous state, it may enter through the foundation of schools and homes in the Raleigh, NC area. It may also enter in through the water supply. No matter how this gas made it here, we need to take action to ensure that all of our levels are reduced for every school with radon mitigation in schools.

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